Ranch Business Development Program

The Ranch Business Development Program seeks to help launch small animal livestock businesses by making farmland, infrastructure, and learning opportunities available to historically underserved ranchers as part of a 5 year program. 

We aren’t simply landlords; we surround our ranchers with strategic resources so they can grow to independence. Because of this investment, we very carefully select who we invite to join us on the farm. Our ranchers’ commitment to working through the program requires hard work and dedication, but as we all know there isn’t anyone who works harder than a farmer or rancher!

While at In Harmony Farm, ranchers gain additional agricultural expertise and training, establish their customer base, learn about good animal husbandry, hone their ranching skills, and work one-on-one with a small business counseling and coaching service to help them start and grow their enterprises. Ranchers work towards milestones which put them on a path towards independence after they graduate the 5-year program. Specifically, with help from the Iowa Center for Economic Success, In Harmony Farm, and other strategic partners, ranchers will:

  • Create a business entity appropriate for them
  • Track revenues and expenses, create ranch budgets, interpret simple financial statements
  • Identify future capital needs, establish financial credit, apply for grants and loans
  • Create a ranch brand and market their business
  • Create breeding plans
  • Establish ongoing markets
  • Learn to navigate legal documents such as land leases, produce contracts, grants/loans

Upon successfully meeting the milestones of the 5-year program, In Harmony Farm will help graduate ranchers find a long-term land access solution for their enterprises.

Completed applications can be emailed to:


or mailed to:

In Harmony Farm
PO Box 116
Earlham, IA 50072