Climate-Smart Commodities

“There is a strong and growing interest in the private sector and among consumers for food that is grown in a climate-friendly way.”

Tom Vilsack, Secretary of Agriculture

In Harmony Farm  is honored to be one of the 70 selected projects for the USDA’s second pool of funding for the Climate-Smart Commodities Partnership. The USDA is investing $3.1 billion in 141 projects to expand markets for climate-smart commodities, leverage the greenhouse gas benefits of climate-smart commodity production, and provide direct, meaningful benefits to agriculture, including for small and underserved producers.

In Harmony Farm kicks off the initiative with funding through the grant to build a grassroots pipeline to land and technical assistance for beginning, underserved farmers to create and scale profitable small businesses by creating market-driven demand for climate-smart production.

The IHF climate-smart project will provide technical assistance and direct payments to farmers and ranchers to implement climate-smart farming and ranching methodologies. 

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