Our Goals

To serve historically underserved Iowans by providing access to land, specialty crop production, and new farm business development.

  • Lease parcels of land to new farmers for new business development (specialty crops).
  • Deliver or connect new farmers to wrap-around support services for building a successful enterprise: business planning, marketing, agronomy, banking.
  • Connect new farmers to sustainable markets.

To practice environmental sustainability by building a vibrant and healthy ecosystem to support farming for future generations

  • Implement regenerative agricultural techniques to improve soil health and water quality.
  • Utilize science-based practices to enhance biodiversity.

To create meaningful experiences for members of our community.

  • Inspire our youth and community to connect with the land.
  • Deliver educational opportunities necessary to continue farming into the future.
  • Motivate corporate partners and the private giving community to improve food security and financial independence in our community through funding farm operations and programming.